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Habbo news!
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                 This page is what is going on TODAY on habbo!

             Habbo Sweepstakes!

There is a new habbo sweetsteak! You could win a gift value of 100 coinz!!


          The Gold ICM's are here!

The new gold ICM's are here! on the catalouge Now for only for 25 coins!


                 HABBOWOOD TODAY!


Habbowood Stars Appear in Catalogue Gallery
Check-in to check out BonnieBlonde and JohnnySquabble in fabulous poses!
Read about their rise to fame!

Habbo Weekly
Habbowood deadline change, some good tips and Blu Interviews Roll-A-Mania winner Dj-Vex in this week's newsie!



The rare Dino egg was spotted!

The rare dino egg was spotted in brojos room yesterday afternoon!


    Blunique!! Owner of Habbo!


The first time I saw the rollers, I thought, "Okay, so those are interesting. They're cute. But will they change Habbo forever? Uhh..."

Then I sat quietly for about 3 seconds, felt a shiver run down my spine and declared out loud, "But when all the Habbos get their hands on them, they're going to be REVOLUTION-ary!"


Remember this safety tip:
People online might not be who they say they are.

To Stay in touch with your friends habbo has put in a cool little constle so you can talk to your friends when there in a diffrent room!



The sun is finally out cuz its SUMMER TIME!! go chech out the swimmin pool and cool off your habbo!